Torquay Day Spas: Endota

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With locations across the country, Endota Day Spa is the convenient, consistent and calming all-Aussie relaxation centre. The staff are friendly and the doors are open to everyone.

When we moved to Torquay to set up shop at Whitesbeach Guesthouse, one of our priorities was to explore the town’s spa scene.

Travel, for us, usually provides the perfect excuse for a little pampering in the form of a massage or, if you’re Claudia, several hours of spa treatment with all the little extras.  Plus, coastal B&B’s and a relaxing spa day tend to go hand in hand, so we had to be prepared to recommend at least one quality Torquay day spa to our guests (purely homework, of course.)

On the day of our spa treatment, we walked in the door and were immediately greeted by Fran and her Endota Day Spa team, who were all very professional and inviting.  Since we’d originally brought our youngest son, Dillon, with us when we booked, the staff recognized our need to turn off for an hour or two. A little pressed for time, we both chose the relaxation massage.  Though, I didn’t fail to notice my wife’s eyes scanning the “Be All End All” package.

The staff offered us a variety of refreshments to help put us in a relaxing mood while awaiting our massages. I sipped my peppermint tea while anticipating the luxurious treatment ahead.

And I wasn’t disappointed. The massages were wonderful, definitely a quality spa day experience. It’s not to say I haven’t had better, but then I have treated myself to spas and massages all over the world. Is it somewhere I’d return to? Absolutely.

Will I recommend Endota Day Spa to those staying at Whitesbeach Guesthouse?  I just did.

Torquay Day Spas: EndotaStephen Handley